Feature Evorad PACS Evorad RIS-PACS Standard Evorad RIS-PACS Enterprise
Internet & web based access
Localizable to any language
Full examination lifecycle support Supports the complete lifecycle of the imaging examination, from order delivery of the final diagnosis  
Graphical calendar for appointments  
Automatic Examination Scheduling The system provides an Automatic Scheduler with constraints on resources (Doctors, Modalities etc)  
Customizable workflow The workflow is providing pending examinations view lists based on user’s roles  
Multi-level medical categorization The assigned Examinations can be mapped to multiple accounting categories  
Embedded diagnosis word processor The word processor offers comes with templates, automatic substitutions and mulitlingual spellchecking capabilities  
Consumables warehouse management  
Basic reporting  
Business Intelligence sub-system  
Integration with Dictation Solutions  
Integration with HIS    
Very fast image transfers
Tab-based multi-layout image series viewing
Multi-patient, multi-exam viewing
Image window, zoom and pan adjustment
Image Series synchronization
Hanging protocols
WYSIWYG Film/Paper printing
User-defined windows per modality type
Measurement and annotation tools For example ROIs, Distance, Angle, Arrow
Measurements and annotations copy,paste and save
3D volume reconstructions Tools to calculate MPR, MIP, minIP and VR
Pseudo coloring
Export to DICOM or image formats All popular image formats are supported (png, jpg, bmp)
Import from DICOM files
Image series link to patient and examination information  
Image series link to examination diagnosis  
DICOM 3.0 Print
DICOM 3.0 Storage, Send
DICOM 3.0 Query, Retrieve
DICOM 3.0 Worklist
Advanced role-based security
Unlimited user-groups in hierarchies
Fine-grained access rights definition per role  
LDAP and Active Directory Integration with Active Directory or any LDAP-based Directory Server for authentication