Evorad RIS-PACS - Features

Supports full life-cycle of imaging examinations

The system follows the full workflow from examination ordering and scheduling to diagnosis typing and delivery to the patient. Users, depending on their roles, are presented with a work-list of examinations pending an action by them.

Evorad RIS-PACS - Electronic Patient RecordEvorad RIS-PACS – Electronic Patient Record

Optimized for tele-diagnosis, network or Internet access

Ultra fast medical image transfers (lossless or lossy compressed) through local networks and the Internet increases productivity and enables tele-diagnosis. Remote users have access (subject to security constraints) to all functionality available to local users though Evorad Workstation or the web-based Evorad Clinical Workstation.

Extremely productive medical image presentation and processing

Image presentation and processing has been designed in cooperation with professional and academic radiologists to offer unique capabilities in terms of arranging, synchronizing, processing, importing and exporting series of images and related information. Image processing in two and three dimensions (e.g. MPR, MIP) can be performed even by using low-cost laptops and remotely through the Internet.

Exceptionally usable and easy to learn

All aspects of the graphical user interface (GUI) have been designed and are continuously evolved in cooperation with radiologists, medical physicists, secretaries, etc to ensure the maximum possible usability and productivity. Inexperienced users learn fast how to work with the system while more experienced users benefit from the advanced feature set.

Evorad RIS-PACS - Advanced Image Processing (MIP)Evorad RIS-PACS – Advanced Image Processing (MIP)

Multi-view information presentation

Relationships between information entities (e.g. patient, examination, diagnosis, etc) are very easy to follow from any view. For example, a user can navigate from an examination to the information of the related patient or the related examination order and vice versa.

Advanced Information Analysis

An advanced Business Intelligence subsystem offers to the end-users full control on collective information analysis and presentation for statistical and decision support purposes.

Extensive Security

The security subsystem is designed to protect the very sensitive information, which is stored and processed by the system, and can be encrypted while stored and/or transferred to user workstations. Users are assigned roles that specify their access rights to the system using fine-grained rules ranging from the visibility of a specific information view (e.g. examination scheduler) to editability of a specific field (e.g. patient’s name). Finally, all user actions are recorded by a complete Audit-Trail subsystem.

Complies with international standards

Evorad RIS-PACS complies with international standards such as DICOM 3.0 (Storage, Query/Retrieve, Print, and Work List) for communication with medical equipment and HL7 for integration with HIS and LIS solutions. The security subsystem conforms to HIPAA guidelines.