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Every year it is supposed to be his breakout year, I think eventually he will have it, but it must be getting tiring for Jaguar fans.

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  4. What to know about new Arizona Cardinals OC Byron Leftwich!

Jun 26, Messages: He is a good QB, his receivers are mostly young with one super old exception and that has been hindering him a little. Not the best QB on his team?

Byron Leftwich

That isn't true, but leave it to a Dolphins fan to always be looking at the backup and wondering if he is better He is not a slow QB. He IS a linebacker shaped man Every game I have seen of his when he needs to run he runs decently and has a few moves that suprised me too.

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Yeah Madden has Favre at the speed of a snail. BTW, people here are saying Leftwhich isn't mobile because, he's more of a contact runner and not a dancing runner. Making it look like he's slow. Truth is, his speed is just above average. I'm pretty sure he'd out run most of the posters here in a race.

Recently he's been doing good.

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Prior to that I didn't like him. ShatteredDreamz13 , Nov 22, Dec 13, Messages: I don't get that comment, especially coming from a Bengals fan. Carson Palmer runs a 4. Feb 15, Messages: SovereignPrime , Nov 22, I agree,some of the fans can be really stupid. The funny thing is half the people who dont like Leftwich and want Garrard in cant even spell their names right. Nov 28, Messages: Nov 23, Oct 25, Messages: I picked up the guy in fantasy last week. Too bad I didn't start him last week.

Byron Leftwich | IGN Boards

I hope he puts up these numbers the rest of the year. Jags have a cake schedule, especially weeks 15 and 16 for my playoffs. Aug 3, Messages: Liger14 , Nov 23, I really wish the Bears had taken him instead of trading down to get Michael Haynes and Rex Glassman. Jag , Nov 23, Leftwich is a rising star in the coaching ranks, and Arians is doing him a favor letting him try to swim on his own.

It's entirely possible Leftwich is groomed as the Bucs' future head coach. Thomas Bassinger on Twitter. Dealing with close to zero talent, Leftwich posted mixed results as the Cardinals' interim offensive coordinator in , but he's someone whose coaching star remains on the rise. Early reports have Arians handling his own play-calling, however, meaning Leftwich won't have a huge role on Sundays.

Albert Breer on Twitter. Cardinals fired OC Byron Leftwich.

What's left remaining of the Cardinals' higher-ups are firing everyone and everything in a desperate attempt to save their own skin. Leftwich didn't do an embarrassing job of interim coordinating Arizona's offense after Mike McCoy was fired, but he was forced to do everything on the fly with an offensive line that couldn't block a soul. At worst, Leftwich should resurface as a QBs coach. Mon, Dec 31, Cardinals promoted QBs coach Byron Leftwich to offensive coordinator. It's been a fast rise for Leftwich, who was last a player in He began his coaching career under ex-Cardinals coach Bruce Arians and was a holdover for new coach Steve Wilks.

First order of business should be getting David Johnson the ball in space. Leftwich played and learned under the aggressive Arians. It's a no-risk move.

Byron Leftwich

Fri, Oct 19, More Byron Leftwich Player News. Highest Searched Players over the last 7 days. Ware KC 2 N. Foles PHI 3 T. Gurley LAR 4 A. Brown PIT 5 S. Watkins KC 6 C. Wentz PHI 7 C.