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No forgetting to turn it off. If it's dark outside and you go near the furnace, the lights turns on! New, nicer looking furnace! Now with nice neat looking butyl tape and grommets. Think the door isn't big enough? It is NOW at 2 feet by 2 feet! Trust me, the door is more than big enough for anything you can lift into the furnace AND the thick door frame will take a pounding as you throw them in! This plate keeps the hot air in and deflects it off the door.

With very little metal to transfer heat to the door it does an excellent job of insulating the door. The chimney is low on the firebox and exits about 1 foot from the bottom, so that the smoke - or more importantly, the gas and heat - is trapped so that it doesn't quickly escape out the flue. That would be a big loss of efficiency. This way the air has to cool off to find its way down and out the chimney.

This is also a better idea since you don't have hard-to-clean baffles getting a creosote buildup on them. When wood starts to burn it's the gas that burns first! Another advantage is that the chimney exits through the air chamber, further heating it up - for free! That's proof, not just rhetoric. Will not crack or split like stainless steel!


Compare Firebox thickness to another popular furnace at only. We have a removable ash TRAY! Some other makes don't even have an ash receptacle at all! Will not get stress cracks like Stainless Steel! We have furnaces well over 30 years old and more, still in use today! Click on Picture for a larger image The blower in the back is a great aid in getting a fire started. A clean-burning fire is more efficient than a smoky air-restricted fire. The forced draft will burn hotter and therefore cleaner.

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Secondary gases burn at degrees and with our furnace, they are trapped in the firebox so that they are available to be burnt off without escaping out the chimney. The HyProTherm will exceed that temperature. The fan blower determines how hot the fire burns and therefore how hot the air in the furnace gets.

If you have any installation questions at all, please call Randy at (608) 399-4847!

The air blows into the bottom of the fire, through the grate - just like a blacksmith's forge. That's better than blowing in from the front door very obvious when you see that big box on the door and into the side of the fire, as all the others do if they even have a fan.

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You get more complete burning fire when the oxygen is fed through the bottom! Actual photo of a fire inside our firebox, only minutes after reloading with wood! Firebox size on the Thermowind LEGACY version, with the round firebox, is 36" wide x 28" deep x 27" high due to ash pan in bottom. The air chamber totally surrounds the firebox, top and both sides.

The chimney is also surrounded by air, drawing off heat. The ash receptacle and hot coals are surrounded with air too, in the bottom! The fans and thermostat included, have a one-year warranty. Most parts are available everywhere. There are NO proprietary circuit boards! In case of a power failure, you can still have a nice warn house, when everyone else is cold!! Requires a standard portable watt generator for the , and models, this is because of the startup power that the motors take , but you will have plenty of power left over for lights, small appliances, etc.

You MAY need an heating and air guy to hook up the duct work, but all you really need is an adapter from a round 12" pipe to your rectangle usually pipe.. Everything is very simple and easy to do. There is a comprehensive manual, with lots of pictures and diagrams, that will help you every step of the way.

You can also call me or the factory for assistance. NOW there is no need to put the furnace right next to the house, with our exclusive insulated underground duct!! Eliminate the threat of fire by having the furnace well away from the house just like with our outdoor wood fired WATER furnace.

Installing a Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Wood Furnace

We are the only manufacturer that is doing this! Perfect for folks who often have power failures or those people with cabins, shops or homes that are unattended. The two connectors in the back hook up to the blue pipes which are buried in the ground. These pipes are only 12" in diameter so a standard backhoe with a 24" bucket can easily dig a trench for the pipes to lay side-by-side.

Some other makers don't even have an ash pan! You have to let the fire die out or shove the hot burning logs aside yeah, right! Do you want to do that? It is thermostatically controlled and solenoid activated for greater efficiency, to keep the air temperature in the furnace between certain parameters. This is far better than an inefficient manual draft opening.

Our furnace is so strong and well-made, that the chimney alone is strong enough to carry even the lb. We move them like this every day! The exterior is made of Heavy Duty Siding - 29 gauge structural quality, full-hard steel. It has a Lifetime film integrity Warranty for walls and roof and a year warranty against fade and chalk. Mix and match the roof, sides and corners.

There are legs on the bottom with the siding surrounding the bottom to ground level. Concrete pad is recommended but not necessary.

Waterless Forced-Air Wood Furnace

It tops out at about 90" feet above ground. Some other manufacturers have to have the whole hull removed by people to access these components!! There is an extra large rear access hinged door. HyProTherm has easy pipe air duct hookup and electrical hookups simple V wiring. No special tools needed. The easiest furnace for the self-installer to put in! We help you every step of the way!

How to Install an Outdoor Furnace

Many people can say that they can pay for their HyProTherm forced-air wood furnace in 2 years or less of propane bills! Start with a small chunk of wood. The bigger ones rounds require less cutting and no splitting so they cost less - about a cord in most areas. ANY wood is cheaper than oil, gas and electricity! One person said that they have never used their propane heater after propane prices tripled! Whole rounds burn longer and cleaner and it's so nice not to have to split the wood!!

Shove the logs in on top of each other. Use the 6 foot poker provided for safety to push them in. That big poker comes with the furnace - for FREE! We use state-of-the-art Solar Guard insulation all around! It has backing on both sides and is aluminum foil backed on one side. We then insulate on top of that with R11 vinyl-backed fiberglass in the walls and ceiling!

You cannot feel the heat when you touch the siding! That gives you R We will build YOUR furnace in any combination of 21 different, exciting colors! Water furnaces are shown here to display the assortment of colors. Not all colors are available at all times. Questions about stainless steel answered. Do you build with stainless steel? No, we don't build stainless for several really good reasons. Our furnaces last longer than most stainless furnaces, with MANY of our water furnaces still in use after 30 years plus!!

Mild steel transfers heat better than stainless does.