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Also, you end up being in the same classes with these people for years, so if you hook up in your first few months and it doesn't work out, you're stuck asks why you didn't go to medical school but they do that to women too.

2. Dine on the Lake at the Edgewater Hotel Restaurant

Going on dates can be so fun, but also so nerve racking. Just remember to come prepared with a little money and maybe a light jacket for these cozy fall months. Keep reading for 10 cute date ideas around UW Madison! Madison is packed with local venues that host tons of artists throughout all times of the year. So excited to see one of my favorite guitarist derektrucks tonight!!! Nobody can deny that we have some 5-star deserving restaurants downtown. Taking your date out for dinner is not only a classic, but also always successful.

If you want to keep it casual you can hang out around state street for teriyaki at Glaze and a waffle cone at Chocolate Shoppe.

Otherwise you can take it up a notch and dine fancier around the square. Everything is better with a cherry on top! Nothing is more romantic than a stroll next to the water at dusk. Sandwiched between two lakes in Dane County, Madison, Wisconsin , has many unexpectedly romantic corners to enjoy with someone special. Robert Gard, Director of Public Relations and Communications for Madison, told us the city is an engaging and affordable place to take a date any time of year.

From ice fishing to ice kiting, a lot of unique winter activities give couples a reason to bundle up, brave the cold, and enjoy the snowy months.

1. Go Ice Skating During a Popular Winter Festival

The Frozen Assets Festival , a February event on Lake Mendota, tempts residents with a lot of winter activities, including ice skating, sleigh rides, pond hockey, and snowshoeing. The Frozen Assets Festivals celebrates all the wintertime lakeside fun that Madison has to offer. This weekend-long event also features performances and competitions to delight attendees of all ages. Because of its picturesque location on the banks of Lake Mendota, the Edgewater Hotel is a hot spot for many locals seeking a good time.

Its five-star restaurants are particularly popular. The Boathouse is a casual waterfront eatery with a menu full of classic Midwestern favorites, including brats, burgers, and cheese curds. The menu features house-made pasta dishes as well as mouth-watering Wisconsin fish fry. From sizzling steaks to farm-fresh salads, the Statehouse menu has something for everyone. Taking a date out to dinner is a tried-and-true way to bond by sharing a tasty experience, and Madison has a lot of fantastic local places to choose from.

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You can paddle around Monona Bay under a blanket of stars while a live band plays soft music. The event lasts from 8: The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art has been wowing visitors since it opened in Its free exhibitions and programs provide plenty of opportunities to get involved in the local art community and broaden your horizons with someone special by your side.

Madison Contra Dance Co-op meets Tuesdays at 7: Five dollars will get you in the door.

My date for the evening was Andy, a quality assurance analyst for a local software company. We met for tacos before the dance - perhaps too heavy a meal before so much spinning. From the Square, we trudged through the snow to the dance hall.

It was narrow and bright with high ceilings and a live band on the balcony above. The group was large and varied, and most people seemed to be regulars. We arrived early, and a gregarious gentleman, the caller for the night, endeavored to teach us to dance.

6 Memorable Date Activities for Couples in Madison, Wisconsin

The results of this lesson were less than impressive. Since we were both new and clueless, Andy and I were not permitted to dance together, instead pairing with more experienced dancers in the group. The choreography changed every 10 minutes, so just as I'd start to find my way, we'd start over with something new. Following doesn't suit me. I'm an assertive person by nature, and I resent being led by a man. It's one of the many reasons I'm single, I suspect. My partner changed every few steps, leaving me tossed like a rag doll from one strange man to the next, hands in my face, grabbing, pushing, pulling, spinning me around.

By the third dance, I was dizzy and nearly in tears. When you don't know what you're doing, it must be even harder to lead. No one leads and no one follows. There's just always somewhere you're supposed to be. I am not a fan of the great outdoors. Camping, hiking , swimming in polluted lakes - I've tried to learn to love these things, but I am who I am, and who I am is inside, preferably with central heating.

Given my proclivities, or lack thereof, the next date in my lineup was an odd choice. It was a nighttime hike at the UW Arboretum , a free, guided two-mile walk through woods and wetlands, all in the dark. The low was -3, and I'd misplaced my winter boots.

10 Cute Date Ideas Around UW Madison

My date was Mo, an engineer-turned-musician who is writing a novel about the season he spent backpacking around the country. I was in a melancholy mood. Dating depresses me more often than not, inviting comparisons to my last great love, and inspiring the special brand of loneliness that comes from being with others but feeling alone. Mo was quiet and kind, but the space between us felt like miles.

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