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Also, you end up being in the same classes with these people for years, so if you hook up in your first few months and it doesn't work out, you're stuck asks why you didn't go to medical school but they do that to women too.

I don't get why Redemption Island is constantly said to be the worst season. It's bad but it's not the worst. You are entitled your opinion but there are a good many reasons it could easily be validly considered the worst season ever. Have you ever seen a dumber cast with more clueless and terrible players? A more predictable boot order? A more badly failed twist? Forgetting game play a more genuine lack of remotedly interesting or enjoyable characters or people?

A more overbearing edit for one player Rob of course, topping even Russhole's Samoa edit. I could go on awhile but there are so many reasons that season was so bad, and many consider it worst ever even if you dont. Might not be the most entertaining, but it was a solid win for Rob. Literally cakewalk to the title. Yul played a masterful game on Cook Islands, and Ozzy played his best Survivor game ever and still lost. Becky was a shit finalist, but even she puts Natalie T to shame.

It's all just a matter of opinion. I think it's the worst season, therefore, it is the worst season. You don't think it's the worst, therefore, it's not. Redemption Island is a great example of why throwing a challenge is a terrible idea. It's hilarious how badly that backfired. I don't know if they would have won if they tried, it doesn't matter. The tribe's goal was to throw a challenge to get rid of a "problem player", which resulted in them being physically handicapped and went into merge the minority. And we all know how it played out from there.

The best strategy in Survivor is still, and always will be, to go into the merge as the majority assuming classic two tribe set-up. In fairness, I do think thats a lot different in that they were both trying to save allies on the other side and eliminating a rival on their own tribe due to swaps. Zapatera probably should have just waited for the loss to come naturally, then eliminated Russell all the same. This still bugs the shit out of me, because it's misrepresented. They didn't throw the challenge on a whim to get rid of Russell.

Been confirmed in numerous interviews post-show. So, if they didn't lose Russell when they did, any of those four would have been the first boot when inevitably Zapetera did lost a pre-merge challenge. The end result was obviously not ideal, but the game logic isn't inherently flawed, no matter how much Probst likes to spaff on about it. And there are a lot of seasons where players could have gone a lot further if they DID throw a challenge.

Look at SJDS and the post-swap, pre-merge breakdown. If Josh and Reed had've thrown a challenge and booted Jeremy, they would have coasted through to the endgame pretty easily, and had a high chance of one of them winning.

Being solely results orientated with a sample of 1 is a pretty interesting way of approaching the merits of a game theory? So technically, even though it didn't yield an optimal result, it still yielded a significantly better result financially and placement-wise than the alternative. Even though I don't like RI, survivor could definitely be way way way worse, and this was definitely a storyline that made RI enjoyable for moments. Alas, the moments were brief.

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Actually, Andrea is painted like this mega-bitch for voting Matt out, but I completely understand her. He came back with a plan to switch to Zapatera, she said she'd think about it. In the meantime, he promised for both of them that they will join Zapatera, then talked for both of them that they would stick with Ometepe, all while Andrea had nothing to say about it and expressed no clear desire to go either way. And the worst thing, he told Rob the most cutthroat and vengeful player in the game that she planned on turning on him. Which she didn't really, and which wasn't his business to tell.

His honesty and wishy washiness ruined her game and he wasn't a reliable and trustworthy partner. Yeah Matt was a horrible survivor player.

Amber Mariano (Brkich) – now

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's never watched Rob play before. Because there's no way he should have trusted him if he had seen him play before. I would never trust them. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out people like Grant and Matt were not even remotedly fans of Survivor and probably never watch the show either before playing or today and were obvious recruits. Their cluelessness to Rob's true nature and the game in general is to be expected. The hilarious thing is Grant would have probably still stumbled to winning despite not having half a clue where he was to Rob and the game in general had Ashley not won immunity at the F5.

Likewise for Matt thanks to the ridiculous RI twist had he just not had his first bad RI challenge performance when it really mattered. As incredibly stupid as Nat T was I got the impression she atleast was a longtime fan of the show even at Andrea was pretty stupid that season, despite that she looked like this bad strategist by Caramoan. Ashley was able fool people by the Reunion she was a smart player out there, but she sure doesn't fool me. The fact she was utterly shocked Rob vote her out over Phillip, and even openly stated to the others right before F4 voting that she had a way better shot to win than Phillip or Natalie and was the only one left who could beat Rob completely true but keep that to yourself at that moment if you don't want to be voted out says it all.

Oh yeah lastly I would add it is obvious most of these haven't watched past Survivor seasons, otherwise they would have learnt something from the great Cirie. That you have to kill the goats or they will be taken to the finals over you.

Is Andrea dating Matt from ‘Survivor: Redemption Island?’

How Ashley, Andrea, Grant, Matt were happy to just keep Natalie and Phillip in the game so long and none of them thought both would go to the finals Grant thought Phillip would be in the finals with him and Rob, Ashley thought Natalie with her and Rob, but not a single one believed both if they were still around near the end is freaking hilarious. Matt's arc was pretty weak IMO, he's a highly religious moron who blames all of his poor decision-making on god's will.

I didn't mind the season overall, but he got an inordinate amount of screen-time for someone who had basically 0 impact on the outcome. The reason for his screen time was simple.

Andrea Boehlke

He was the dominant character of Redemption Island, and even knowing ultimately it would lead to nothing, Jeff needed to make him a big character with a big edit to legitimize his stupid RI twist idea. As a result he got the 3rd biggest edit after only Rob and Phillip, despite spending almost the whole game outside the actual game but technically not eliminated.

Yeah which is why RI is so horrible. So why would he think RI was? It goes against everything survivor is built on. What a waste of the viewers time having to watch Matt extensively. If I wanted to see a guy pray I would attend a house of worship. RI was just a horrible idea. Jeff probably realized it after that season, but his ego was such he had to continue it a few seasons so it wouldn't go down as a total bust, and even today he would probably never admit it was the horrible failure it was.

Since it was his idea, he has to justify it somewhat. I agree with that. Matt is not a moron since he is a Christian which is totally fine. He was just a moron though because Atleast in Survivor lingo, maybe in real life he was a smart and cool guy. Even the stupid Nat T was smarter than him, she atleast knew Rob would probably take her to the end since she was a huge pathetic goat, and that her best chance of winning was against fellow goats Phillip and Rob she ultimately still didn't but that was her best case scenario still.

Nat T has apparently lost even more brain cells since the show given that she now claims she would have won a Grant-Phil-Nat T F3 but at the time of the show even she was smarter than Matt. I don't even know what Matt was thinking out there, but none of it made sense. I understand that there's a place for religion in many people's lives, but I have little tolerance for insisting that events especially social events are "God's Will. I put it one notch above proselytizing at people who don't have an escape route.

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That and some athletes who even say "it is in the lords hands how I do. I think it was just annoying how he wouldn't do anything cause "God would take care of it. It's like that story with the guy on his roof after a flood not accepting anyone's help because God would help him. And then when he drowned, God was like "wtf dude, I tried to help you by sending those people.

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There is nothing remotedly redeeming or positive about it. The dumbest and most pointless twist in history- Redemption Island, from which the 2 people to return were immediately voted out. Rob proving again he is the biggest crybaby in history at the Reunion with his pathetic wine-fest about Grant not talking to him anymore, even though he screwed him over and the 2 were never even friends in the game or outside of it to begin with. Being such a narcissist I guess Rob feels everyone should be expected to speak to him regularly though, I dont know. You have your million, so shut up about anything else, let alone someone you barely know and were never close with not talking to you just to satisfy your massive ego, LOL!

Andrea Boehlke

Why did u even watch it if u think its so bad If you're a real fan of the show you would appreciate any season of survivor. Why all the hate? It was weak and kinda lame, whatevs, just don't watch it again. You don't have to hate something just because you don't like it. I wasn't saying that this season in particular was a great season Obviously it didn't play out that way. And Philip didn't even try!

Pretty disappointing finale in that regard, I still liked the journey though. And the moment where Matt and Andrea are on the beach with night vision is truly an all-time great moment. On a social level, Rob's emotional intelligence was off the charts. He was Natalie's father, he was Grant's best friend, he was Andrea's older brother, and he was the only person in the entire game who was able to forge a real working relationship with Philip.

Andrea at the finale paraphrasing here "Rob had an incredible way of relating to us all individually. You don't see it all on TV, but we spent two days just making a day bed together". Rob on Philip again, paraphrasing "You have to put yourself in his shoes.